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La Bonne Excuse


The best part is that we get to talk to the chef himself and his wife. We were the last customers that day, and it was past the closing hour of the restaurant, and they were so nice and still take their time chatting with us. We learnt that all ingredients Jose uses are fresh from the market, nothing frozen or canned in his restaurant. he even went to the back of the kitchen and brought out 5 different tomatoes to show us, all which I've never seen before. Their menu changes twice every season, according to the seasonal ingredients that's available, such as truffles will be available to their menu one week after our visit, only harvested in autumn; a specific scallop that will be legal to fish starting 17th of Oct will be brought in live, and Jose will cook them fresh... Some times he adds a tiny bit of Spanish accent to his food, some times he was inspired to use an Asian ingredient in a specific dish. He puts a lot of thoughts and creation into his dishes, and you can truly tell. Since Jose starts his day in the restaurant at 7am every morning to prepare everything fresh, we felt bad to deprive his sleep any further, and left with the best satisfaction a restaurant can offer.

Tél. :  (0)1 42 61 50 21
48, rue de Verneuil
75007 Paris
Métro : musée d'Orsay,
rue du Bac ou Solférino

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